Une Trouvaille in Malaysia: One Night in KL

Only in Kuala Lumpur for one night? No problem. This is what we got up to.

⭐️The trip in 5 emojis: 🌃🍴🍲🍸🏊
⭐️Best bit: Eating Malaysian street food at Jalan Alor market
⭐️The awkward moment when:  We got caught in a thunderstorm wearing all white errythang #unintentionalwettshirtcompetition

So we landed in KL at 7am, tired and a little jetlagged. Luckily the quick and easy-to-use KLIA Ekpres train service runs from the airport straight to the centre of town every 15 minutes. Our hotel, Aloft, was directly opposite the train station which was a godsend for us since it meant we didn’t have to drag our heavy suitcases too far.

We dumped our bags and headed straight for the infinity pool on top of the hotel to sunbathe and sleep.

The rooftop pool at Aloft hotel

Re-energised, we decided to get changed and head out for a cocktail in KL’s Skybar, located in Traders Hotel, opposite the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers. They have a pretty good happy hour on weekdays so we sipped champagne cocktails and took lots of pictures of the magnificent skyline at night. FYI you need to book if you want a seat in the sofa area directly opposite the towers with an optimum spot for photos.

Inside Skybar at Traders Hotel, opposite the Petronas Twin Towers


Petronas Twin Towers at night

It was about 9pm when we finished our drinks so we asked the bartender where we could go for some good Malaysian food nearby. He said most of the restaurants would be closing by now but we could try a street food market called Jalan Alor if we wanted to sample the local cuisine.

So we jumped in a taxi and headed to the market; it cost 15 MYR which is about 2.50 GBP. Inside the market there are hundreds of different food stalls selling various dishes. We bought some fresh coconuts for 80p to sip one whilst we walked around; they tasted a million times better than the bottled stuff you get in shops. After finding a place that we liked the look of, we sat down and ordered a variety of dishes that we’d never tried before. All of them were so good and we were completely stuffed and 100% gobsmacked when the bill came to fifteen quid.

This is Chazzles, enjoying his first fresh coconut:

Sipping fresh coconut water at Jalan Alor street food market

We had an early flight to Singapore the next day so we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. We’d totally recommend stopping over in KL if you’re flying on to Oz or elsewhere in Asia. The food, people and general atmosphere are all lovely and you can have a lot of fun in a short space of time.

I’m sure we missed off lots of lovely things we could have done in KL so if you have anything to recommend doing next time we’re here, let us know.

Lucy & Charlie

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