Une Trouvaille in Sydney: Searching for Instagram’s Cocktails

Normally we’ll sum up our trip in five emojis but for this particular one only three are needed: 🍹🍸🍺

Charlie and I stumbled upon Catalina thanks to my Instagram addiction. I saw a tantalising picture of two beautiful cocktails featured on @FoodDiarySyd’s Insta and then trekked across Sydney to find the source.

That source was Catalina in Rose Bay.

How picturesque does this look?

I hadn’t Googled the place before we walked in so FYI it’s pretty swanky inside. Think pristine white tablecloths, $200 bottles of wine and rich housewives luncheon kinda swanky.

But don’t let that put you off one bit.

The wait staff couldn’t have been friendlier or more accommodating. We were offered the best seats in the bar which overlooked the whole bay; all this despite the fact Charlie was wearing Air Max trainers and I had a totally unsuitable midriff-skimming crop top on. 😉

Charlie started with a Cooper’s Pale Ale but I ordered the Bitter Passionfruit Campari after asking the waiter to “serve me the cocktail in this photo, please”. So 2016.


This was the photo that inspired our trip to Catalina, taken by @FoodDiarySyd on their Instagram

This is why social media is so great: I almost definitely would not have ordered this cocktail if I hadn’t been inspired to try it by the beautiful photo I saw on Instagram. Made with Cîroc vodka and Campari I probably would have overlooked this wonderful concoction since I’m a gin-lover through and through, although the other ingredients may have tempted me: citrus (yum), half a passionfruit (double yum), freshly picked lemon thyme (wanky but yum), organic raw sugar syrup (“organic” makes it healthy right?) topped with cranberry infused soda (sounds fancy so, yeah go on).

The Bitter Passionfruit Campari – to diiiiie for

Instagrammable shot of my cocktail

I think the pictures speak for themselves but I’ll clarify by saying this cocktail was DELICIOUS. Like write-a-whole-blog-post-about-it delicious.

We also tried some of the bar food, largely because $50 for a main course in the restaurant was a liiiiittle bit of a stretch for what was supposed to be a casual lunch time cocktail. We tried the smoked salmon bruschetta and a selection of anti pasti. Both are highly recommended although we’d love to go back and eat there properly for a special occasion. Unfortunately Valentine’s Day has just passed so I guess I’ll have to wait until my birthday before we go back. Roll on July!

cutmypic (1)


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